Today I’ll quoth a tale,

which is of unforgettable scale…

Those were also some days,

because I fear what people says…

Those uncooked smoky roads,

Every step had their unique codes..

Then the time passed and


a book with some pages

Which caught me into locked cages

that journey which started with curiosity

somewhere vanished the desired simplicity

and then with the key of wheels

I started a trip on daily roads

Ups!entire body change into peels..

topsy-turvy the world seemed

Brutches!wounds!blood! Screamed….

Nothing was too serious that day,

Save her! People just joined their hands to pray..

That time!Abba was my point of interest,

I realised this touch is the purest..

I know that a smile when arrived

when first salary I will derive

then also time will continue to pass

then that red cloth’ll come.ALAS! everything will change

I know time is nothing but white snow

Blue,white those creases

With every curve heart freezes

and when waves pause

nothing will be visible as a clause…..


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