Yaa ..i know..

Everything will become a past,

But the things which come along,

Are the beautiful memories we cast…

I don’t know what happened today…but that was the moment I was with him alone in these 2 years..I was fully confident to confess everything…but failed😢😢

I want to say that I love you chashmish..@A****

4 thoughts on “#love_memories_farewell

  1. I agree with you, Shraddha. Just because something passes does not mean it’s of no value. If you think about it, everything passes sooner or later — but does that make it of no value?

    I know some people think so, but not me! A beautiful thing is a beautiful thing — even if it does not last. At least, that’s how I see it.


  2. Everything happens for a reason,even just a fleeting moment. Perhaps as a learning experience for the next time to really seize that same moment and make it happen. As the song goes, It’s now or never. Other sayings would be—No guts,no glory. No regrets. No ifs or what ifs. Thanks for the follow.

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