Pain : Die or survive

Tik-tok The bell ranged, and derived!who? the voice The Silence and the rise of violence the unbeatable competition over and over day to day was freezing,the inner me… The heavy pushes into the soul causing a bloody pole the heart was paining inside wanted a tale, to be quoth a message to be flowed… A […]

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Today I’ll quoth a tale, which is of unforgettable scale… Those were also some days, because I fear what people says… Those uncooked smoky roads, Every step had their unique codes.. Then the time passed and arrived a book with some pages Which caught me into locked cages that journey which started with curiosity somewhere […]

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:Decision: #change_is_necessary

Life turned its pages, Printed to support in all stages. Was behaving;like they cares, But to support, they not even dares. As the clock stopped, And the dreams flowed. All the promises they did, Are blowed… Dirt hidden behind their clean whites, Lies are the base of their every sites. They promised,we know, but frauds,why […]

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My heart is filled by a flow of silence, Eyes are bursting with a flame of violence. Every time they were questioned for their identity, They were not guilty,yet they faced ruinity. ‘she’!an illegal voice for all legal mission, For the sake of momento, Which caused ignition. ‘she’ is not a vail of queen, Just […]

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That day; Time had passed there, I crossed daily from where. The wheel of time has been rotated, When I heard Their entire love has been devoted. I was lying there in a hope of lap, Wounds and brutches covered me, But no one was there to rap. Eyes twinkled and asked for a glass […]

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Give me fresh air , Which surely call me fare.. wrong is wrong and right is right, May be’ my thoughts are the cause of fight. He called me his best friend, but I forgot, breaking heart is a trend. Eyes are barren,asking for a tip, you ignored me,from every sip. This pain is too […]

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My eyes were darkened, From the trust I bonded. Your every step towards the stair, Was taking my heart into the air. I don’t know the reality, But ya! It’s all about the mentality. In every dusk,with the blow of dirt, I secretly wait for the new TIE of your shirt. Nah! It’s not the […]

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Every twinkling star was taking me so far .. from all the happiness To the sorrow jar.. I left them and promised to be Happy Ever After But my friends, with you all I left my laughter.. The journey I am addressing is not a band. I broke your promises , I hope you understand. […]

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